PSALM 139 . . . VIR JOU

Uit Katrienkie Onderstaande is ‘n uittreksel uit haar boek, Want die kiewiet maak weer nes. My kind, Ek ken jou. Ek weet nie net van jou nie. Ek neem nie net kennis van jou nie. Ek is nie net bewus van jou bestaan nie. Ek KEN jou. Ek weet wanneer jy gaan sit. En Ek […]


Hoping for the best

Kopano Brilliant 2020 was a scary roller coaster ride, to say the least. It was termed “twenty-plenty” and somewhere along the lines- from March 23rd to be exact- things really became too much to bear. Our thirst for a new start was duly quenched when we had to hide behind closed doors and eat the […]


Beat the Editor – Part 1

Compiled by Nick Gräbe   GPS News is holding a weekly Quiz Competition. The Quiz will deal with SA History, history of gold and diamonds and Anglo Boer War, Kruger Park and early, as well as, later Lowveld industry.   Questions: Name one of the occupations of Frederick Vaughn Kirby? Which modern-day town in Mpumalanga […]


Alois Nellmapius, Historical character…

Nick Grabe Alois Hugo Nellmapius 5 May 1847 – 27 July 1893, was a South African businessman, industrialist and pioneer conservationist. Born in Budapest and arrived in South Africa on board the ship Nathan in 1873. Alois Hugo Nellmapius a prospector turned transporter, was an admirer of both Pres Burgers and also Pres Kruger and thus obtained […]