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There is hope… You are not forgotten

Valerie Kemp

Just imagine lying in hospital on Christmas day, all by yourself. No family or loved ones to spend time with you on this special day.  Due to hospital policy because of Covid, no visitors are allowed, unless it is in ICU, and even then, there is a time and person limit.

Pastor Hein Vermaak and his management team of Living Waters Christian Church in Sabie were contemplating what charitable drive they could do for the festive season that will make a real difference.

The idea was born to give a care packet to those in hospital on Christmas day and boxing day.  The very appropriate name: “You are not forgotten” were given to the project.  The lady’s cell with the assistance of the church office took the idea and ran with it.  Three different locations were identified to leave the goods required to make up the parcels, being Spar Sabie, Van Heerden’s chemist and Living Waters Christian Church.  There were 3 different wards identified in Sabie Provincial hospital to te the recipients: ladies, men and maternity wards.

The community and various other churches and congregations rose to the occasion and contributed generously. However, Spar Sabie really went the extra mile to make this a reality. The manager of Spar Sabie, Adrian de Salis contacted the Ladies cell leader and offered his assistance in this matter.  He liaised with their SPAR Lowveld DC (Distribution Center) staff for possible contributions.  Together with the Sponsorship Controller, Bella Mogane they surprised all with their generous contributions.   Some of the suppliers and staff personally also donated products.  Spar Sabie in conjunction with their SPAR Lowveld DC and some suppliers really assisted in making this project a huge success.  Bella Mogane said: “We trust and hope that SPAR Lowveld DC and suppliers’ contributions will warm the recipients’ hearts so that they know they are not forgotten.  We are grateful to be part of this worthy project.”

Some of the products in the care packages are:  Facecloth, magazine or two, soap, sanitizer, body cream, toothbrush and toothpaste, socks, a personalized Christmas inspirational card, deodorant and many more.

The maternity ward patients received an even more very special package.  It included all the above, however additional to it there is a full pack of disposable nappies, a Babygro, wet wipes, Vaseline, newborn caps and a receiving blanket.  Some local ladies under leadership of Elize Potgieter of the Visarend VLU crouched the tiny caps and donated them.

Thank you to each and every one for your contribution, however big or small.  Just know that you have been part of this humble and worthy project to ensure no-one is forgotten.

A special thank you to all the willing women of the Ladies cell of Living Waters Christian Church for their time and muscles.  The packing of the parcels was done very professionally and completed with a song in their hearts.

On 24th December some delegates from Living Waters Christian Church delivered and handed over the care parcels to the staff of Sabie Hospital.  A letter has been received from Dr. NR Mnisi, Acting CEO, Sabie hospital.  He wrote: “Sabie Hospital Management and staff would like to thank you for the generous donations of Christmas gifts from Living Waters Christian Church to the patients in the hospital during the festive season.  The considerate and well-thought-out gifts will have an impact on making those patients in the wards feel loved and well cared for.”

Proverbs 19:17 “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will repay him for his deed.”

Caption:  There is hope… You are not forgotten team:

  • From left to right:  Bella Mogane (Sponsorship Controller), Pastor Hein Vermaak (LWCC), Kulani Mkhatshwa (LWCC) and Adrian de Salis (Manager SPAR Sabie) with some of the donations.
  • Pastor Hein Vermaak with some of the Living Waters Christian Church Ladies Cell and some staff of Sabie Hospital with the care packets that was donated.


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