Love that lasts despite of…

Treah (57) and her husband Sipho (62) Ndlovu, residing in Sabie, recently renewed their wedding vows at Living Waters Christian Church.  They got married on 10 September 1990, and by the grace of God were able to take this step of renewal.  They celebrated their second honeymoon in Tzaneen.

They are parents to three children, Valdo (28), the only son and two girls Velaphi (31) and Nakita (20), and grandparents to three.  The couple met each other in September 1989 during the school holidays. They were introduced by a friend. After Sipho saw his bride coming from her parents’ house, he knew he had to meet her.   For both of them, it was game over.

Sipho thought she was so beautiful and had the thought of “if only she can be my wife one day,” and Treah found him to be very attractive.  What is very interesting is the fact that Treah had a dream of a hunk of a young man, fair in colour walking hand in hand with her.  She immediately recognised Sipho as the man in her dreams.

When they got married, they had an average life as Christians, however, they did not have a relationship with God.  They gave their hearts to Jesus, got saved and joined the Rhema Christian Church in Tzaneen.

Sipho said: “My love for my wife brought me to a greater love and I got to know Jesus Christ.”

Sipho is an Auto Electrician of trade and currently are still working at a government institution in Tzaneen, but tries to come home every weekend.  He is waiting for a transfer to Sabie or closer to home.

They want to retire in Sabie, after falling in love with the town while visiting here.  They are the owners of Tehila Guesthouse in Mount Anderson, Sabie, which means Praise and Worship in Hebrew.

When the couple got married they tied the knot at Home Affairs and had no reception.  They decided to renew their vows this year, and decided to go the full package.  Their stunning attire was designed by a Nelspruit designer – James Banda (071 751 8256) and the beautifying of the hair and nails were done by Sophia, and the makeup was done by Beauty, both from Sabie.

“Our experience during our marriage was mostly good, there were ups and downs but with God on our side, we persevered. Being married to a woman that has a “God heart” that forgives and forget, and always shows her love, is an honour,” said Sipho.

Treah’s advice for a long and happy married life is the following: “Firstly you must both love God the same, there must be good communication between you and have no secrets.

A lack of communication can destroy a marriage and your relationship suffers.  Pray together, forgive often not bearing any grudges, be kind and generous and have a good sense of humour for the not so nice days.”

Both Sipho and Treah want to give good advice to young people being in a relationship who are considering getting married: “A relationship comprises of 2 people, however, there are 3 in the relationship, and without God as the centre you will never know real love.

Your relationship is not a community project with private information to be discussed with friends. Respect each other, love in spite of… Just love unconditionally and do not rush into marriage.

Do not make money the deciding factor to get involved with someone.  It is a commitment and getting divorced is not a choice.  Hold onto your love in the rough times, and ensure that you trust each other without a doubt.  Lastly, keep Jesus Christ as the centre of your relationship.”


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