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Curiosity might have slain the cat, but human beings need curiosity for growth.

Curiosity is born from asking questions. It is therefore imperative that knowledge is acquired by any means. Reading opens a window into a world of endless opportunities. World Book Day was recently celebrated and it served as a reminder to grab a book or any piece of information to enhance our vocabulary and confidence.

Technology has created a dream world for those who love to read, this is because answers are now available on our phones and other gadgets. We no longer have to wait for the library to open to do research. We can read our favourite books at any time. Unfortunately, most people have replaced books with social media platforms which often present fake information or popularised opinions as facts.

We have the opportunity to learn new languages so that we can expand our social skills. We honestly have less room to make excuses for ignorance. Nothing gives you more confidence than knowledge, as we are living in the age of information. The information offers us the prerogative to navigate the world with clarity. Things are moving so fast that those who remain stuck in the past will face more difficulty in the future.

Our survival is based solely on knowledge.

The younger generation needs to be encouraged to read to explore every opportunity available, also to pioneer new paths that will lead the world forward. We are truly living in exciting times, these are times of awakening which make it hard for the mass manipulation that has seen the abuse of nations by a treacherous few.

Most of our social ills persist because we have closed our eyes to information.

We can cite the Constitution as the first point of reference. Our human rights are well-protected but we continue to suffer due to the lack of interest in reading. A whole new world exists and it is waiting for us to wake up. The awakening will only come as soon we embrace reading. Social media can be used to communicate and to host a dialogue on issues that empower us as a community, instead of focusing on promoting criticism, hatred and gossip.

Let us open a book and read for a change.

One word at a time.

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