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“My child, time heals all wounds,” my mother told me once when I was very young going through a divorce. In a sense, it was true, my heart has been healed and I bear no grudges or have no un-forgiveness anymore. I am happily married (finally, after having to eat a couple of bags of life’s ups and downs together for 31 years), a Mother and a Granny of two beautiful girls.

However, there are things in life that time cannot heal. Losing a child, even after 21 years after our son died of cancer aged four, it still hurts. It hurts in a different way than in the beginning. Time does help to numb the pain, but the longing will never subside.

However, there is a peace that surpasses all logic and mind.

What gives us the courage to go on and not give up? Have you ever thought about why some people seemingly go through life without any trials or tribulations, no health or financial problems, no loss of loved ones?

We all know people like that. Do you also question yourself: What am I doing wrong then?

Have you ever felt that trouble suffocates you and worries entangle you? Are you having sleepless night because of worries? Is the burden of suffering intolerable? Where is God in all this, you may ask! Does He know how you feel, or do you feel your prayers are heard only by the wall? Is He near, or somewhere distant, only watching?

We have Job as an example. He was blameless and upright, a man of such integrity that even God liked to show him off, and told the evil one that Job is a man close to his heart, and He allowed Job to be tempted and hurt. If anyone deserves blessings, surely Job does. Yet one day God put him to the test.

Job has been tested on all wakes of life, his life fell to pieces. Every kind of hurt and trouble came to him. Raiders sweep his fields; his livestock is captured or destroyed; his servants are put to the sword; a house collapses on his sons and daughters and kills them all.

Even disease strikes him, and he is covered with painful sores from the soles of his feet to the top of his head. In all this, he submits patiently to God, only to be mocked by his wife, who tells him to “curse God and die!”(Job 2:9)

What made Job different?  He knew God’s heart for him. Even despite all the calamity and turmoil, he never cursed God or turned his back on Him. How easily do we blame God for the hurt in our lives? We ask the question: Why me? But…why not me? What makes me so special that I will sail through life without any problems, hurts or worries?

With Easter weekend coming up, how many people really know what it is about? Jesus was God Himself in human flesh — fully God, but fully man, with emotions and the ability to feel pain. Most people have heard of what He did, and that He was executed on a cross and rose again from death. What is less well known is what this was all about!

Did someone say God doesn’t suffer? In Jesus, God suffered. That was why He became one of us — to bear the suffering for us. Even though He had no sin of His own, Jesus identified with us so completely that He took the burden of our inward brokenness — our sin and sin-sickness — upon Himself. He understands it all because He bore it all — the whole weight of it, all for us, for you and me.

And still… today people deny Him, mock what He has done, worship other gods, live only for themselves. In the world we live in there is mayhem and cruelness.

However, when He hung on that cross, YOU were on His mind, when He said: “Father forgive them, they do not know what they are doing”, your and my name was on His lips when He let out His last breath. (Luke 23:24)

How and what you believe is your choice. We are living in the last days. 2 Peter 3:3: Above all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires. What I know, because I believe it with my whole heart, is the fact that He is a just and fair God. He even gave up His darling of heaven for me, and you.

What you do over Easter time, is up to you. I praise and thank my God that because of His sacrifice, I am free and will one day after my death of after He came to fetch His bride, be in heaven with Him.

Enjoy your family time and please drive carefully and be safe!


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