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IVERMECTIN “To use or not to use”

The following was written by Debbie Moller and fact-checked by Terry Herholdt, South African Ivermectin Specialist.

The answer to that question is “USE IT” says Terry Herholdt (the lady who has been tagged as the South African Ivermectin Specialist).

If you are on social media you may see her name mentioned in many posts.  We see her being bombarded with questions, people pleading for advice and sources to purchase the Ivermectin. She tirelessly assists everyone she can.

We needed to know more about this lady so we asked Terry to share her story with us. It’s a long story because in some stories you cannot “cut a long story short”.

Terry has been researching Ivermectin for the past 30 odd years, which she says, was initially based on practical applications of different forms and dosages of Ivermectin in her cattle, horses, eland and warthogs. She then started experimenting on herself as a sufferer of End-Stage Chronic Neuro Lyme Disease in 2017.

Ivermectin works through many mechanisms of action that result in the death or paralysis of the targeted parasites. The discovery of Ivermectin in 1975 was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine. It was registered for human use in 1987 but it is not presently registered for human use in South Africa. It is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines and is FDA-approved as an anti-parasitic agent. Any adverse symptoms are largely attributed to the body’s inflammatory response to the death of parasites. Not a side effect of Ivermectin! People should understand that we take an Allergex Non-Drowsy (Loratadine), or preferably Dazit (Desloratadine) antihistamine, with every application because it works with the Ivermectin in killing off other parasites, and disrupting the transport system of the virus.

Terry says, “Over the past 38 years I have gathered a vast amount of knowledge in veterinary and medical fields, applying the One Health Initiative to my approach. For many years I helped my husband run a 600 strong cattle feedlot so I learned all about Ivermectin products and the incredibly positive effects on speculation animals, many of which were thin and sickly when they came onto the farm from auctions. As I started treating myself and my health started to improve, my Lyme friends joined in and formed a GROUP of intelligent, like-minded women to share and discuss our results. Each new case study was then researched on the internet using the chronic illness name and Ivermectin. We discovered scientific papers written on the subject from all over the world. I then started a team of people who would try to get a triple combination, revolutionary, global anti-parasitic into the market and promptly registered a provisional patent. My team consisted of a top Swiss/German regulatory lady, a well-known clinical researcher, an advocate, a marketing manager and myself. We were blocked at each step, and could not get funding for clinical trials. When COVID-19 arrived, I approached the government which resulted in numerous meetings about the use of Ivermectin that sadly came to nothing. By that stage, I was already successfully treating COVID-19 patients with Ivermectin! That was in April 2020.

Debbie Möller is a friend of mine who lives in Sabie. My sister, her husband, my niece and my mother all live in Sabie. Debbie has already helped a lot of people there to receive the right information and regularly calls me for advice, to confirm the information and to make sure that should anyone wish to follow the protocol, that I have spent so many years on researching/practising, that they get the correct advice. If she does not know the answer then I get a call from her. If anyone has any questions I am sure she will be willing to answer – or she will call me to get the answer. My life is understandably hectic at the moment and at one stage I was assisting up to 500 people per day.

One common question is “why do we apply the Ivermectin to our skin rather than drink it?”  Rubbing the injectable Ivermectin into the skin is not the same as using the topical ointment.  It has been a challenging time having to deal with some vets, who became instant Ivermectin overnight experts, advising humans incorrectly how to use the injectable Ivermectin. Injectables are designed to be administered subcutaneously (under the skin), with carriers of different molecular size, to be absorbed at different rates from the fat cells, based on the half-life expectancy. Hence LA, or long-acting. They are light oil-based for normal use. Ivermectin is LIPOPHYLIC which means that it needs to bind with fat cells, where it is made 5 TIMES more readily available to the system. The so-called experts come along and advise the public to DRINK the injectable. It will work, and it works very fast passing out of the system in the faeces. This of course reduces your protection time as the Ivermectin is not in your system the correct length of time. But some people will continue to listen to the instant experts,” she says with a smile.

“RUBBING the 1% injectable into the skin is akin to injecting it UNDER the skin. Just less invasive. It is readily absorbable and gets into the fat layer, where it binds to the fat molecule and is slowly released into the system.

I managed to get infected with COVID-19. I did not use Ivermectin as a preventative as I could not wait to try my treatment protocol on myself. I have worked 16 -18 hours a day on my phone, talking to sick people, advising them, sourcing vet meds, explaining which was safe and which was not. I would love to publish my own papers one day. There is so much that I have discovered in the past 5 years of working with humans using Veterinary Ivermectin.  Always inquiring, never afraid of the boundaries….and every time people just got better!

Based on my extensive knowledge I have held farm practicals for Onderstepoort veterinary students in the past.

I was privileged to receive a call from Dr Pierre Kory from the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) in the USA who called me on Christmas Eve (his partner is South African born Dr Paul Marik). He proceeded to question me on my observational knowledge of the use of Ivermectin in chronically ill patients, and recently COVID-19. Dr Kory questioned me for over an hour, saying that they only had 6 weeks of collective knowledge regarding the use of Ivermectin, between them, in the FLCCC team. He also stated that he had spoken to hundreds of professionals working with Ivermectin for COVID-19 and Strongyloides, over that period. The only difference was that I had used animal Ivermectin, and the FLCCC used human Ivermectin. It was a great honour to have been able to speak to this passionate man.

I have studied each and every new case that I observed over the past 5 years, on the specific chronic condition, and why Ivermectin led to the recovery of the patient.   Almost 500 case studies to date. From epilepsy right through to infertility. Every chronic condition you can think of. The only case which reacted negatively was a porphyria case. And then, they were using other anti-parasitics as well. I cannot say it was the Ivermectin even though it does appear on the list of porphyria warnings but so does almost every other medicine used on humans.

I do advise using the injectable under the tongue in critical cases.  Its fast absorption rate is what is needed in an emergency situation. The problem remains to educate doctors not to treat with steroids until their patient has had 48 hours on Ivermectin.

Unfortunately, because of all the red tape around the legal use of the drug in developed countries, and the resulting inexperience by medical professionals, steroids are being administered first, resulting in more severe cytokine storms and death. I am working hard to create awareness of this, backed up by the recently published papers from WHO and the American Medical Association.

I may not have a degree. I may not be a doctor. Or a Vet. But I have believed in and practised the One Health Initiative for decades, with great success.

The upside of not being schooled in a curriculum, or being regulated and restricted, is that I was always able to use my extensive knowledge and practical experience, in a free-thinking pattern.

Were there not always, these types of ‘baanbrekers’ throughout history? We need to walk ahead so that the scientists in white lab coats can prove our observational evidence.

In the words of Dr Pierre Kory….“Observational evidence is evidence too”.

I love Debbie’s quote: “Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth ……….” And the earth gave us Ivermectin.”

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  1. Excellent & soooo encouraging to have someone with this much first hand experience ré Ivermectin… 2 of my close family over 70 one with weak lungs & the other with 1 kidney, were healed using the Animal version. I think they said it best: “IT BEATS DIEING”! 🙈 (Not realising it had a double barrel meaning)

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