Not all doctors wear stethoscopes

Laptops and PC’s (Personal Computers) form an integral part of most people’s everyday life. We all have experienced a moment of disbelief… Oh no! My computer is not working or crashed! We go through emotions that range from anger to losing hope, and the immediate reaction is one of becoming despondent, and desperate.

After having tried switching on and off, or any other violent means to revive your computer and failed, your next step would no doubt be to calling the knowledgeable people. Well, the good news is that in Sabie there is now affordable and professional help in the form of PC Doc, Main Road (opposite Caltex).

Panicking when your computer does not want to do what it must, is normal, however, when you are Bodo Böhmer, you get excited, because he is PC Doc, short for Personal Computer Doctor.

A little interesting history: In 1960, the first IBM 1401 data processing system in South Africa was installed in the IBM Service Bureau in Johannesburg. The all-transistorised IBM 1401 data processing system was first unveiled in October 1959. The computer weighed about five tons and had 16 kilobytes of memory. (Info Imagine how big the five-ton computer had to be?

Bodo has 18 plus years of experience in the field. He started his career as a contractor with Unisys and learned the trade the hard way by investigating, trial and error, with customers having contracts with the company. Being an Instrument technician by trade, he loves “scratching” in the brains of the computers. His pet hobby and love are investigating why computers are slow. His valuable experience was gained throughout as contractor.

“To me, it is very important to ensure my customers receive the best and most affordable service. The wellness of your PC is so important to me so that it makes you smile again! I work and repair all types and models of computers. Some of the services on offer: PC/Laptop repairs, Security Cameras (supply and installation), Networking, LED Monitor Repairs and IT Maintenance.

IT Maintenance is quite a new concept that the public does not understand fully. What it is? You pay a fee per computer for maintenance monthly because prevention is better than cure. Being a professional, this maintenance will ensure that if something goes wrong, it will be much less severe than originally without the maintenance. It is an affordable “insurance package” on your computer. People tend to expect that the computer must just go on every day and work. However, just like our bodies, it can get viruses and with age start working slower, for various reasons. It is very important to regularly clean it inside from dust as well as checking the hardware and software,” said Bodo.

“The younger generation will rather take out and replace with new, but I love to do the diagnostics and look for the cause of the problem, and then fix it. Understanding that when a computer is down, it usually means time and money for businesses, or having no contact with your loved ones, priority care is given when a repair must be done. I do repairs in Sabie and surrounding towns like Hazyview, Graskop, White River, Lydenburg and Pilgrims Rest.

You are more than welcome to come and meet me at the shop. I offer a full service that covers every conceivable problem which you may have with your computers. We can also get your computer repaired and up and running again in the shortest time possible, with the absolute minimum hassle and inconvenience. All you need to do is make the call to call the doctor,” concluded Bodo.


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