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Nails, beautiful glorious nails

@9277 Nail Studio – Professional, friendly and affordable nail care now available in Sabie.

Pre-primary school teacher with 12 years teaching experience Jeandré Botha, residing in Sabie, started in 2016 to dabble by doing her nails because she has always loved beautiful nails.

It turned into a fun and adventurous journey and in 2019 she was privileged to attend a nail course.

“I know God opened up the door for me because everything just fell into place.  It was my bonus month, so I could afford it, and I had leave for a few days.  That is how my passion started.  Although I love what I am doing, I am a perfectionist and ensure customer satisfaction.  I have 2 diplomas and has entered in various competitions, including international.  A proud moment was when I ended under the top 5 in South Africa presented by Crystal Clawz.  I love the creativity that I can utilize by using my ideas and create something beautiful.  An awesome memory is that when I had to do my portfolio for my finals, the only person available was my husband.  He allowed me to do his nails, however, the moment the photos as proof has been taken, we had to soak it off,” said Jeandré laughingly.

Jeandré, her husband Rohan and their son Declan relocated to Sabie a year ago from Ladysmith.  Part of the family that moved with is 3 Jack Russel dogs, known as “our children with four feet”.  She decided to step out of her comfort zone of being a teacher and gave wings to her dream and passion by becoming a professional nail technician with her own business.

“Some women’s nails are neglected, either by nail-biting or working with chemicals and water daily.  However, every woman would love to see their nails neat and professional.  A professional manicure is the one luxury that is really a necessity, it makes her feel beautiful and groomed,” mentioned Jeandré.

Along with the normal classic polish manicure, gel and acrylic nails are two of the most popular nail treatments.  Both result in a glossy, hardwearing nail, but are very different in terms of process and appearance. Jeandré is experienced in both methods, and offer a hand as well as toenail treats.

“What is the difference between the rubber-based gel and acrylic?” is a commonly asked question. The rubber gel is painted onto your natural nail as a base coat. Then a colour gel is placed in between the rubber base and topcoat. The topcoat is either glossy or matte and then ‘cured’ under a UV lamp. This curing process essentially bakes the gel polish onto your nail giving you a plump, glossy manicure that is instantly dry and very difficult to chip.

Extensions can be done with gel and acrylics, and both methods can be used as a natural overlay.  Acrylic is just more rigid and harder than gel.  The gel is also more flexible.  Depending on how hard you are on your nails, will ultimately depend on what product should be applied.

In the nail studio, customers can rest assure that the proper Covid protocols are followed.  Upon entry, hands have to be sanitized, the register filled in, and between clients, the whole workspace and equipment are cleaned with 70% alcohol. Regular customers are allocated their own set of nail files with their names on.

“I would like to invite the public to come and meet me. We love Sabie and the people here.

They are friendly and very accommodating.  My work is excellent, however affordable and I do offer a guarantee,” concluded Jeandré.

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