Market Day for learners

Kopano Dibakwane

Glory Hill Primary, Graskop, held its annual Market Day on 8 September. According to the event organiser, Teacher Sekatane, who also teaches grade 2, the main aim is to impart business skills that can be utilised in the future.

“The event is held in the third quarter and it’s part of our curriculum programme. It gives the kids a chance to learn about business. They learn skills to assist them to manoeuvre in life if they can’t get jobs. A donation of R5000 was given to learners by the school so that they can buy items to sell on the day. The kids made a 100% profit and we were very impressed. The items were, sweets, hot dogs, ice cream, chips, cold drink, cakes, etc.,” said Sekatane.

He mentioned that Market Day was also utilised as a test and learners received marks according to their individual effort.

“It is part of an examination, we call it a task. We encouraged the learners to participate because they will use the money for their farewell function,” said Sekatane.


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