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Silence is very loud

Kopano Brilliant

Human beings are very interesting creatures. We are born with everything yet we spend the rest of our lives chasing after nothing. It is the on-going pursuit of vanity that has dragged the entire human race into a dark void.

We are completely consumed by a flawed ambition for perfection. This perfection is unfortunately determined by the greedy acquisition of material things- a temporary perception of authority over one another. This perceived authority causes divisions in society, to an extent that we are willing to destroy anything that stands in our way, including the things that sustain our livelihoods. Maybe we are not aware, but nature is bearing the brunt of our ignorance. We have very little regard for the environment that feeds our minds, bodies and souls.

Perhaps we should take some time and observe the perfect cycles that define nature, from the seasonal growth of all plants and weather patterns to the food chain in the animal kingdom. Everything is aligned according to God’s system. Plants and animals practice the perfect form of religion, the very same religion that human beings continue to claim-yet with utmost disregard for its true essence. Other forms of creation possess an intelligence that is proving to be absolutely superior to all our brains combined. Their intelligence is based on a constant order which guides all living beings.

Unfortunately, we believe that our ability to speak makes us superior to everything that’s created on earth. Maybe we must underline the difference between speech and communication. Speech is born and subsequently dies on the tongue, communication lives eternally in the heart. We can use fancy theories to lie through the tongue, but we can never trick our hearts. The tongue speaks to the ear, while the heart communicates with God.

Silence is our greatest gift, the golden key to heaven. We are truly born with everything, yet we spend the rest of our lives chasing after nothing. Sometimes it’s good to remain silent and let your heart do the talking.

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