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What a year! If there is one thing that I learned this year, it is gratefulness.

Just to be able to breathe… what a blessing. You never value something until you don’t have it anymore! Sometimes I see some much ungratefulness in this world that we live in. People fighting over frivolous things that have no eternal value. Mostly earthly stuff and things that when you face real difficulties, mean nothing!

Where is our gratitude toward Him? Have you ever thought how must God feel when we are ungrateful towards Him, ignoring Him and only acknowledge Him when we need something?  He sent His Son to shed His blood on a cross for our sins, He gave the ULTIMATE sacrifice. He forgives us of all of our guilt. He offers us eternity. He gives us abundant life. And us, how do we respond?

We sometimes treat Him like a drive-through God. We pull up and drop our requests. ‘God, I want this and that.’ When we get our prayers answered do we go and say thank you in worship and truth? We live a fast pace just trying to survive this world and its hardships and become ungrateful. When last did you say thank you for your health, the fact that you ate today, that you have a roof over your head? A family that loves you, being privileged by having a job?

We have to learn what it means to have manners and respect in the presence of God. We have to know what it means to go back to Him and say, ‘Thank you.’ We have to know what it means to say, ‘Praise the Lord and mean it.’

Our words are cheap, what do our actions and attitude show? Matthew 22v37: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’

Do we love Him like that? Do we really?

After facing near death with Covid, I look back at my life, attitude and relationship with God. Although I love Him with everything in me, I realize that I am nowhere where He wants me in relationship with Him. He is not fully my focus 24/7 like it should be.

We become complacent and spend more and more time with earthly problems and things that distort our focus. What about you? What does your life reflect? A daily struggle of anger and being so very busy. He will always make time for you! All you need is to call out to Him, not only where the Pawpaw hits the fan, but in the good times as well.

We must stop relying on other people and start relying on God. However, the change must be with us. He did His part already. I love the words of a song called: No longer a slave to fear by Bethal music:

You unravel me

With a melody

You surround me with a song

Of deliverance

From my enemies

‘Till all my fears are gone

I’m no longer a slave to fear

I am a child of God

Can we call ourselves a child of God? I am not judging, you need to answer yourself.

Are we in a place of gratefulness towards Him that loves us unconditionally? He will never reject us, never hurt us, never let us go, and He will always stand waiting for us to come to Him.

If you are so tired of life, of all the hurt and struggles, please turn to Him! He is the Truth, the Way and the Life. After this year of 2020, so many people are destitute. You may say: “You don’t know what I am going through,” and that is the truth, I cannot walk in your shoes.

However, I know a Man that can help!

His name is Jesus Christ. He will always help, be there with open arms.

What stops us to live a life of abundance, not of things but joy and hope? Our anger, our unbelief, our attitude of: “I don’t need anyone, I can do it”? Spiritual laziness, fear of letting go and let God?

What I will keep of 2020, is that He is a God of second, third and more chances. The difference between life and death is but one breath. In 2021 don’t delay. Ask God to change your heart towards Him and above all, have an attitude of gratitude.

Have a blessed festive season and stay healthy and safe.


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