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Letter from Rupert Culwick, Chairman, Sabie Chamber of Commerce & Tourism

The Sabie Chamber of Commerce & Tourism is pleased to announce that The Sabie Tube Race – hosted by Round Table White River 64 – will be back again early next year (dependent on Government Event protocols; which it is anticipated will not have an adverse impact), and is scheduled to be held on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th February 2021.

Present: Relaxation of Lockdown Regulations around the Covid-19 pandemic has created a renewed eagerness and restlessness amongst our local travellers, to experience the beauty of our country again.

This is where we, the residents of Sabie, must act to make our Town a destination not to be missed, knowing as we do that Tourism is the life-blood of Sabie.

Past: This Event has been in existence for 46 years! It is a family, fun orientated event, held annually on the Sabie River and hosted by the White River Round Table 64, who allocate funds raised to numerous worthy and much-deserving charities, not only within Sabie but also areas within the White River Round Table jurisdiction.

Over the years, with increased popularity and subsequent growth In the number of participants, organisation of the much larger Event became challenging to the Round Table White River 64 Committee Members, and so over the last 5 years, the Sabie Chamber of Commerce and Tourism (SCCT) became more involved in the organisation/running of the Event, to assist Round Table.

As with all Events, and the evolving nature of the Sabie Tube Race, in Feb 2020 Round Table introduced a revised plan to bring in outside companies as suppliers for services and goods. This move was seen as a method of providing further infrastructure, together with additional and gratefully received sponsorship from those suppliers. Regrettably, however, this move led to a measure of unhappiness in the Town, and for local Sabie businesses to feel side-lined, highlighting the need for a different approach.

Future: The Sabie Chamber of Commerce & Tourism and Round Table 64 came together for a meeting recently, wherein proposals were put forward to guide the Event back to the original aim of raising funds for various Charities, the inclusion of the Sabie Business Community and other local interested parties, including Catering opportunities.

An amicable agreement has been reached between both parties; Round Table 64 and SCCT, with Round Table 64 emphasising their willingness to assist Sabie in as many ways as possible.

We believe that prior issues with the Event are now resolved, including a request from Sabie residents for a broader spectrum genre of music, and that noise levels be reduced after 00h00 each night of the Event.

As soon as the Round Table 64 have ratified our agreement, they will advise us of the details of various well-known artists that will be providing entertainment on the Friday and Saturday nights.

Within a short period of time, we will, together with Round Table 64, be calling on Sabie Businesses and the community to be a part of and to support this Event –

Round Table 64 will be launching a website soon, with advertising options for Sabie Accommodation Establishments and Businesses. A very large LED Screen is also on the cards – to be erected at Castle Rock (Thaleda) for Sabie marketing opportunities. A more detailed email will be sent out by SCCT shortly – if you would like to ensure you are on the mailing list, please WhatsApp “STR and your email address” to Heather on 082 702 6524

Let’s all support Sabie Events! The Sabie Tube Race event is a lifeline to many of the Charity organisations in Sabie, such as the Feeding and Care Schemes for the needy, the underprivileged Children’s’ Christmas Party, Sabie P.R.I.D.E., Mandela Day Projects, and the neutering and care of stray animals – all of which are approved by Round Table 64.

We look forward to assisting Round Table 64 to host the 2021 Sabie Tube Race and to welcoming you all to participate, spectate, accommodate the Tourists, and thoroughly enjoy the weekend of 5 & 6 Feb 2021.

Any and all suggestions from the community will be most welcome. Please email

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