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Little Owl Products– Aesthetically green

Michele du Plessis

The tradition of handcrafted body care products has been part of many cultures around the world for centuries with secrets and recipes handed down through generations. Organic products were used, some locally sourced and harvested from gardens and forests, using plant or animal oils, medicinal plants and secret ingredients.

With the growth of global consciousness, social and environmental responsibility modern consumers, environmentally aware individuals are already guided by their ethics. Consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable products that are not toxic to themselves or the environment. Aesthetic quality is attached to environmentally friendly, eco-conscious beauty products with the added benefits of sustainable products and their kinder environmental impact.

Products handcrafted from the beautiful cold-pressed plant oils, the rich creamy exotic butters, the fragrant heady essential oils, the lovely soothing flower waters, the mineral-rich clays, the high-performance cosmeceuticals, the anti-ageing botanical extracts, packaged in recyclable and biodegradable packaging is in high demand. The natural market is growing exponentially, and choosing raw, natural material is a safe choice — both environmentally and economically. The word “green” has become synonymous with “organic” or “healthy.”

Little Owl Products are a new range of “green” products, using environmentally-friendly formulations, production practices and packaging methods. “Green” and “sustainable” cosmetics are defined as cosmetic products that consist of 95% or more natural ingredients produced from renewable raw materials. Bio-based products, derived from renewable plant and bacteria sources are the root of green cosmetics.

Little Owl Body Care products use natural oils, such as palm, coconut, hemp, Moringa, evening primrose oil, sweet almond, avocado, olive oils, Shea butter, beeswax, essential oils, sustainably harvested, indigenous medicinal plant products, herbal infusions and tinctures and agricultural products. Green cosmetic emulsifiers, surfactants and biocatalysts are derived using agricultural plants, which can be cheaply and sustainably sourced.

The natural, organic ingredients are less likely to cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. Without synthetic or toxic chemicals, Little Owl Products rely on the healing properties found naturally in nature— the ingredients humans have been using for centuries.

Consider glycerine, a natural derivative of palm oil. As a humectant (retaining or preserving moisture), glycerine can retain water, making it an excellent moisturizer. Glycerine enhances the body’s hygroscopic characteristics, encouraging the skin to absorb and hold on to water. As a non-irritating substance, an effective anti-ageing ingredient and, due to its anti-microbial properties, also serve as an acne treatment.

Eco-friendly packaging plays a very important role in Little Owl Products. “By definition, eco-friendly packaging is any packaging that’s easy to recycle, safe for individuals and the environment, and is made out of recycled materials. It uses materials and manufacturing practices with minimal impact on energy consumption and natural resources. Also known as sustainable or green packaging.”

Good Manufacturing Practice, otherwise known as GMP, is basic common sense and involves getting into a routine of cleaning and disinfecting your equipment, working space and containers, washing your hands. Little Owl Products follow these simple guidelines that add safety and effectiveness to our product formulating and help ensure the stability and safety of your final body-care product. We also source product materials from Fairtrade suppliers as far as possible.

We believe in natural handcrafted products that is not only eco-friendly but affordable as well. By choosing sustainable cosmetics, a consumer invests in their long-term health and beauty.

Little Owl Products offer a range of products exclusively available at Die Windpomp at the Bahati Centre, White River or we can create a product for you. Please contact us for pricing. We also offer medicinal products created per request for your individual needs. Please contact us on 013 764 1149 (landline) or 078 374 8653/082 425 1831 or email


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