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White River SPCA donates to Ghost

Michele du Plessis

In a previous edition, we told the story of Ghost, the Cycad street community dog and all the people that care for him. Annette Mattheyse, Kennel Manager, White River SPCA, read the article. This is what she wrote:

“We have just read the latest edition of GPS News and read your article about Ghost. What a beautiful tale!

White River SPCA would like to donate a bag of food, a large bed, a blanket or 2 [if he grabs them and runs away with them, it’s ok!] and 4 large metal bowls to Ghost and his ‘foster’ mom. We think it is fantastic that Sabie has all pulled together to look after this boy! We are planning a trip on Tuesday, and would appreciate contact details of his mom.”

GPS News staff made sure that Annette received the contact details and as promised, on their next trip to Sabie, they delivered the donated items to Ghost’s foster mom.

Jackie Breckle gave feedback on the Ghost WhatsApp group: “I am very impressed to say Ghost is eating and drinking well, he slept in his bed (donated from White River SPCS) and he played with the toys I got him. In Cycad street alone he has 4 owners that just love him so, so much. My day feel upside down if I didn’t see him during the day.

The day I see Ghost my day feels brighter. I never thought I could love a Ghost dog this much but I do, it’s like he’s mine.”

“Since the first article published in GPS News and Estelle’s post on Facebook regarding Sabie trips, we have received a very good response from the Community. We would like to keep the momentum going in Sabie to further facilitate our trips there,” Annette concluded.

Contact details for White River SPCA: 

2 Tungsten Street, White River, 1240

013 750 0240 – Office [10:00 – 15:00]

062 274 8607 – Kennel Manager

082 706 1240 – Emergencies

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