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The significance of bead art


Sibusiso Mthombo

Together, from beads and thin wire, an image can be formed from one’s mind and revealed to the world in the form of art.

Beadwork can take what is in the mind and bring it to life without breath. Freddy Mlauzi, a Sabie based beadwork artist, who is also a veteran in the industry, explains further to GPS News the significance of bead art. ‘’I started small by crafting steel bracelets, selling it to the locals and tourists,’’ Freddy explains. ‘’Since I started school, I have been doing different arts, not just beads and wire craft. I wish to pass that knowledge to the children from schools.’’

He is one source to plant the seed of art with the children; yet not one of the children passing him at Spar has asked to learn, nor touched the artwork. ‘’How can you feel the healing of art, when you don’t touch and don’t feel?’’ Freddy asks. He aspires mostly to teach the children the different art forms that he knows. He said, ‘’ If I can have a place to work at, like a gallery or workshop, I can make a variety of art crafts and I will also wish to teach anyone willing to learn.”

His concern is the increasing rate of teenage pregnancy and substance abuse that influence the rising crime rate. He added by saying: ‘’these days things have changed regardless the qualifications that you have qualifications or not, but the deadline is that we all must earn from somewhere.’’

Freddy has never worked for a company nor does he know how a payslip looks like or how it is written; he has earned his living with his hands and his art.

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