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“Penryn scholars are creating tomorrow, today – why not join us?” the invitation on Penryn College’s Penryn Spekboom Movement Facebook page reads.

“We have kicked 2020 off with a hive of SPEKtacular buzz! As #OneandAll we embrace our innovative, organic curriculum and as an Eco-School, we have chosen the Spekboom as our weapon of innovation against climate change. This predominantly scholar-lead initiative is firing up the passions and drive within our Penryn families and communities.

Armed with the mighty spekboom, Penryn families, staff, communities and scholars take up the fight against climate change. These future-fit eco-warriors are actively learning, planting, campaigning and investing in a sustainable tomorrow for all.

From our little tots to the seniors, every scholar at Penryn has taken up the cause. Every aspect of our organic curriculum links to this cause. Through passion, play and purpose we aim to reach out as far and wide around the globe, to collaborate with others along this learning journey.

With spades in hands, smiles on faces, fire in hearts and spekboom in mind, Penryn scholars are creating tomorrow, today.”

The Spekboom Challenge is a social media drive, motivating all South Africans to plant at least 10 spekboom plants each in 2020. In Edition 153 of GPS News, we have shared the LEFPA Spekboom Challenge, inviting people to share photos of them and their spekboom for inclusion in the LEFPA newsletter.

“Another ambitious spekboom project is known as The Great Labyrinth of Africa with plans to create the largest labyrinth in the world by planting 165,000 spekboom bushes in Klapmuts, near Stellenbosch, in February.

However, Heart Capital, the group behind the project, has run into a problem and is appealing for funds to lay some water pipes to keep the nearly 200,000 bushes that it has grown over the last three years alive, as watering them by hand is impossible.” Getaway magazine information.

Cape Town City’s Recreation and Parks Department are expected to participate in the Spekboom Challenge with the Newlands Nursery in Cape Town and grow more than 5 000 Spekboom trees that will later be distributed for planting during Climate Change Month in April 2020.

Are you also participating in the Spekboom challenge?


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