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46th successful Sabie Tube Race

Michele du Plessis

“Round Table WR 64 hosted the 46th annual Sabie Tube Race. It was a great success, firstly no serious injuries were reported between thousands of people and of course we managed to raise well-needed funds for a multitude of people and organisations,” Brian Rossouw, Round Table 64 Sabie Tube Race organiser said.

Captain Frank Hollier, Phoenix Security and Raymond Gouws, Sabie be Safe, commented that the event was well organised and there were a lot of improvements concerning crowd control and the safety of the racegoers.

Raymond Gouws said that Sabie be Safe gave support to Phoenix. “We are all volunteers and we worked well together; for example, the special needs child that went missing was found very quickly. I believe that the impact on the town with regards to financial input is very positive. The tube race brings many people to our town, but I am not sure this is always a good thing. If you take the alcohol abuse and the resulting problems, we need to ask ourselves if such an event is worth it.”

“Volunteers from Sabie be Safe, the SAPS divers from White River and the organisers of the tube race pooled their resources to find the lost special needs girl. We also found the other missing people in a very short time. The organisation with regards to crowd control and safety of the participants improved quite a lot. The wristbands for children under 12 years of age had the contact details of a parent or guardian on it, making it very easy to help a lost child to find the parents.

The placement of the mobile toilets made it much easier for the tube racers to access and was kept clean continuously. We – Captain Erick Swanepoel, Phoenix Forestry division, Captain Jack Homan, Phoenix Buscor Division- and our teams (20 in total) were well taken care of by the Round Table guys. We received two meals a day and cold drinks.

Sabie businesses in town were well supported by the tube racers. BUCO Sabie had a stall at the Tube Race and supplied the people with bottles and bottles of mineral water and CANSA Sabie had their stall. Many local people also participated in the tube race and I believe the RT64 TR was successful,” Captain Hollier said.

Werner Wessels, Chairman of the Sabie Trout Club, said that “I have to say they helped clean up. I do think they help the town a lot by sponsoring charities and bringing a lot of people to Sabie in a month where the business is very quiet. The whole town benefits from the event.”

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