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Women Disempowered Part 2

By Brilliant

At times they look down on a man who is unable to raise a hand against them, for they have been programmed to associate love with pain. Their creativity, peace of mind, aspirations, dreams, are consumed by a strong torturous sense of victimhood.

She has repeatedly seen her mother apologising to her father after a beating and later carrying on as if nothing happened. “This must be what love is all about,” the little girl would silently conclude.

Of course it must be love, her mother is not fighting back or running away, instead, she wipes her tears, flashes a broken smile, prepares a meal for her angry husband, later on, she must forcefully spread her legs and “lovingly” wrap her arms around the same beast that almost killed her.

The question that we must ask ourselves is; what is it about women that make men adopt a sudden urge to prove a point?

A man will voluntarily wrap himself with mountainous debts to purchase an expensive item such as a car, clothing, etc. – to falsely impress a particular woman.

Is it because a woman is so vain that she’s easily swayed by simple material things? Or is it because she has a certain power that easily drives men to act beyond their normal capabilities? You be the judge.

Therefore, let me take this opportunity to share my discomfort regarding the overrated concept of women “empowerment”.

I view it as a notion that denotes yet another cunning plan by guardians of the patriarchal system to further ridicule the role of women in society.

The sad part is that women have warmly embraced this scheme, while unknowingly reinforcing the rusty shackles of their slavery. This means that they are still at the receiving end, never on the original side.

One has to come from a powerless position to be empowered. We are therefore left with the task to define power, not according to the famous Oxford dictionary but according to our common sense.

Power is simply faith in one’s ability to act. It is the nature of the act that appears to measure the size or extent of the ability. Faith goes hand in hand with doubt, thus the ego is born when the two are merged.

Ego is a false and failed representation of power, it is always external, loud and inferior, thrives on attention, self-proclamation, validation and the need to be accepted.  The ego knows deep inside that it is not power, it can only shine in the shadow of much greater light.

On the other hand; power is superior by design, yet graceful, silent, sure, internal and very mysterious. Therefore, power cannot be given or received externally, for it is claimed from within by the one who acknowledges it: a state of mind.

Women view the concept of their “empowerment” as a breakthrough, but it is a sick ploy to keep them on a “leash”. Today they are fighting for power that they already possess, a power that they always possessed. Women have borrowed the arrogant and selfish characters of confused men and their attention is completely misdirected.

They are tirelessly preoccupied with using every platform to bash men instead of using their time to unite and remind themselves of who they are. Their sense of “rebellion” feeds into the master plan of the patriarchal system.

In Edition 154 Part 3 will be published.

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