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Clean-up by Africa Green Earth Projects

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Mr Jack Magongo Environmentalist and PETCO member decided to clean-up the Hlavekisa turn-off road and the Manyeleti Game Reserve road with volunteers of his team from Africa Green Earth Projects that is a non-profit company.

“I was worried about the health of the community living nearby and water contamination towards Sanparks, Sabi Sands and Manyeleti Game Reserve. Many diseases can be prevented if we all do our part. I am giving back fresh air and water streams life, as well as our biodiversity, fights towards climate change,” Jack said.

“Many thanks to Djuma Private Game Reserve for sponsoring the transportation of the nappies to the municipality’s landfill site, as well as refreshments, refuse bags and gloves. Thank you to all my volunteers,” Jack said.

Jack Magongo (Africa Green Earth Projects) as well as Timele Greening Project at Luphisi was announced in October 2018 as the recycling and waste reduction warrior winner in the PET Recycling Company (PETCO) South Africa’s annual awards. Timele Greening is a business that carries out two operations. They do rural waste collection and run local school awareness campaigns on recycling.

“The project, led by Jack Magongo, has the mission to enhance the living conditions of the community members with clean-up campaigns in the schools and the streets. They have partnered with Greens Recycling in Mbombela, DEA, EWT and PETCO. Not only do they concentrate on cleaning up the environment, but they also invest in creating awareness in the communities by conducting training sessions.” From the PETCO website.

“PETCO, the PET Recycling Company, is a company that takes Extended Producer Responsibility for the end-of-life solution for the PET bottle sector on a collaborative basis, both financially and operationally.

PETCO supports recyclers with community programmes, educational material and awareness programmes on recycling as well as promoting recycling efficiency in the production, design, conversion, collection and recycling of post-consumer PET plastic.

We are an industry-driven and industry-financed environmental solution for post-consumer PET. Funded by a voluntary recycling fee paid by our members who purchase PET resin, we’re proud to say that, since our inception in 2004, we’ve helped make a truly positive impact in South Africa.”


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