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Most Scarce Skills in South Africa

Michele du Plessis

Every year, the Department of Education and Training in South Africa publishes a list of the most scares and sought after skills and occupations that are in high demand.

In South Africa, the accurate identification of current and future occupational demand is imperative to ensure that the goals of the National Development Plan, the New Growth Path and the Industrial Policy Action Plan, are achieved.

Occupations in high demand refer to those occupations that have shown relatively strong employment growth and are experiencing shortages in the labour market, or which are expected to be in demand in future.

Below is the list of jobs or skills are in demand as of 2019 and going forward:

Agricultural skills: Agricultural Engineer, Forestry Technician, Agricultural Scientist, Sheep Shearer

Construction: Construction Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Architect, Land Surveyor, Urban and Regional Planner

Business, Management, and Economics: Actuaries and Risk Assessors, External Auditor, Corporate General Manager, Financial Investment Advisor

Information technology and communication: CISCO Solution Specialist, Network Analyst. CISCO Engineers, Integrated Developers (PHP, Perl, Java), System Integration Specialist, Data Centre Operations and IT Security Specialist

Engineering: Energy, Civil, Electronics, Electrical, Metallurgical and Chemical Engineer, Industrial Designer, Electrical Installation Inspector, Geologist, Boiler, Fitter and Turner, Diesel Mechanic, Pressure Welder

A comprehensive list can be found on the following pages:


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