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Rest and good food on the menu.

“We wanted to establish a safe, friendly place with a special atmosphere to rest your weary feet and to satisfy the thirst and hunger usually experienced after shopping.  Tea Thyme Café @ White River Square was established in January 2018.  What we wanted for our clients was a place of safety, but it had to be different and inviting. We wanted it to be classy, peaceful and comfortable, away from the hustle and bustle in the mall.” Kelley Wampach of Centre Management of White River Square said.

Well, that is exactly what the clients got! The ambiance and decor resemble a grand peaceful English Tea Garden. Tea Thyme Café displays numerous tea sets and teapots for sale. The menu is versatile and will certainly satisfy everyone’s taste, and oh! Not to even mention the cakes and tarts.

On offer to eat and drink are a vast array of breakfasts, club sandwiches, Toasties, Burgers, Chicken Schnitzels, and their specialty, homemade pot pie, either beef or chicken. They also have salads, filled pancakes and drinks like special milkshakes, cool drinks, tea or specialty coffees.

Tea Thyme Café is known for its delicious special platters, savoury and sweet. None of the eats on the platter comes out of a box. It is all freshly made especially on order for the clients. The venue can be booked for special occasions like baby showers, meetings, birthday celebrations and so forth. They further boast with a full-fledged home industry with the most divine cakes, jams, rusks and various eats to take home at extremely affordable prices.

“Our staff is incredible, the regular customers become family, and are always glad to come back. All our food is made freshly from scratch and presented attractively. We are also in the process of bringing in Banting food and healthier choices for our health conscience customers,” concluded Kelley.

Well, all that is left is to sit down, rest your feet and enjoy yourself!

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