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Pilgrim’s ladies treated to a ghost tour on Woman’s Day

Frieda Paton

Friends of Pilgrim’s Rest Museum treated a group of ladies to a special ghost tour on August 9th for Woman’s Day. The tour was conducted by Sharon Green, a guide for Brummer Tours, who is a wellspring of information.

The invited guests were mostly local ladies but they were joined by a few visitors from out of town. Some of the ladies even dressed up in vintage attire for the occasion.

The guests got together at Alanglade House Museum and enjoyed a warming glass of sherry after an introduction by Green. Each also received a gift of “Spookasem” kindly donated by Mariette Kruger.

The visit to the graveyard, which is normally part of the ghost tour, was unfortunately cancelled due to rain. The group did, however, manage to spend two hours learning about the lifestyle of the original residents of Alanglade. Also finding out about, admiring and discussing the large collection of precious, and sometimes strange, vintage objects displayed throughout the house.

There were lots of laughs and chattering – as one would expect from a group of women. Some were particularly keen on the idea that the children were looked after by a nanny and a governess. And that the house was designed in such a way that the children were not heard – or seen – in the main portion of the residence.

Nearly everyone took a lot of photographs and videos to try and capture one of the resident ghosts on film. One visitor’s video clearly showed an orb of light shooting up from the floor.

The Transvaal Gold Mining Estates built Alanglade in 1915 as a mine manager’s residence and several mine managers occupied the house until 1972. The museum was, however, designed to reflect the opulent Edwardian period when the first residents, the Barry family, lived there. The furnishings are mostly in the Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles.

Bookings for the daily guided tours to Alanglade, or the special ghost tour offered by Brummer Tours, can be made at the Pilgrim’s Rest Information Centre.

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