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Hope Moropa-Mhlongo, the wife of Medical Practioner, Dr. Mhlongo, is a phenomenal woman in her own right. Not only is she the wife of a well-known and well-loved Sabie doctor, but she is also a mother of three and businesswoman.

“I’m the proud mother of three precious children Cassandra, George and Nandi.  I am also the Founder of the Pink Flower Foundation (NPC), the Vice President of the Ubuntu Community Care Centre, and a member of the board of Woodlands School based in Sabie.  I just recently started my clothing line (Nubian Queen Brand) and I manage the vitamin drip lounge & health spa at Sabie Medical Centre alongside my husband, Dr. Mhlongo,” Hope said.

Hope matriculated at Grosvenor Girls’ High School in Durban, then she studied at Monash University, South African Campus where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication & Media Studies. After she received her degree, she did a short course at the University of Cape Town in Professional Communication & Office Management. At the moment she is busy with her qualification as a beauty therapist. “I focus my work primarily on the pampering and healing aspect of things.  Most of my clients say I have ‘healing hands’ and it’s because I do what I do with love,” Hope said. Hope is also a nominee for the Sunrise Women’s Awards competition.

Body treatments, such as neck and shoulder massage, Swedish back and neck massage, hands and feet massage, sports massage and Full Body Scrub, manicures and pedicures are also offered. “If our clients would like to have a set of artificial nails done, we call in a nail technician for that session to come and assist the client.”

“We offer the Vitamin Drips in a comfortable and relaxing environment. All the Vitamin Drips are administered by Dr. Mhlongo and I continuously check on the client’s comfort.  The added-on services such as manicures, pedicures and massages started because people found the environment so relaxing that they kept asking if we could offer such services.

Vitamin Drips deliver vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to the body for maximum absorption. Through this process, the nutrients are delivered through your body enabling it to nourish itself at a cellular level. The benefits are endless and differ depending on which cocktail you choose but most experience an increase in energy, improvement in sleep, improvement in mood, hydration, assisting reducing stress and anxiety, improved skin and increase of immunity. In a nutshell, Vitamin drips help your body to help itself,” Hope continued.

“The Lounge is there for those who need to boost their systems by getting Vitamin Drips, but it is also there as a place of relaxation from the busy buzz of our everyday life.  We can spend 2 hours making sure that you have a great session with us,” Hope concluded.

For more information or to make an appointment, Hope can be contacted on 013-764 2134 or WhatsApp 078 679 5656.

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