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Super Stop Car Wash

Maxine du Plessis

Nikita and Danie Brown started Super Stop Car Wash three weeks ago at the Sabie Caltex in Main Road. A great idea turned into a booming business and a need for Sabie’s residents being met. Not only are they centrally located and easily accessible, but they also deliver great services to anyone who wants to have their car or motorbike washed or cleaned there.

They also wash the cars themselves and are very involved in the daily activities at the carwash, making sure that each car is washed and cleaned thoroughly. Since opening three weeks ago, they have already established monthly business with local clients who are more than happy with their services. Valuables in your car will always be safe while your car is cleaned and washed. They also offer to come and pick up your car when you are unable to and to bring your car back after it has been cleaned and washed.

Their prices are affordable and they have a great winter super promotion currently running until the end of August. For the super promotion that they currently have running, one pays R200 for a small car, consisting of four full washes in a month. For big cars, it costs R250 for the promotion, consisting of four full washes in a month.

Beginning of spring, another great special will replace the winter special. They offer different packages to their clients and one can choose a package that suits one’s needs best. For a package consisting of interior clean, exterior clean and windows, they ask R60 for a small car and R80 for a big car. A package consisting of interior wash and dry they ask R40 for a small car and R60 for a big car. The interior clean and vacuum will cost you only R30 for a small car and R40 for a big car. They also offer an engine wash package of R45 and a motorbike wash of R50.

Nikita and Danie want to thank all their loyal clients for their support thus far. For any information, inquiries or to make a booking to have your car washed, contact Nikita or Danie on 079 762 7658. Be sure to also follow their Facebook page, Super Stop Car Wash for all the latest info and promos.

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