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Sabie Bayern Soccer Team reach new heights

Maxine du Plessis

When Nicholus Nkalanga formed the Sabie Bayern Soccer Team in 2015, he had high hopes and dreams for the team.  Four years later and Nicholus’ dreams and aspirations for his team have come true. Nicholus and the team have worked hard and hard work has definitely paid off. The Sabie Bayern Soccer team has qualified to take part in the ABC Motsepe provincial league. But to make the dreams of the Bayern soccer team come true to partake in the ABC Motsepe League and go even higher, these boys need the community’s support.

The Sabie Bayern Soccer team is looking for sponsors to assist them in being able to partake in the league. When playing in such leagues, only the best sports kits, soccer tocks and apparel is allowed. These boys will need a sponsor for transport, accommodation, meals, allowances, team apparal and sports kits. The team will carry any sponsor’s logo with pride, thus offering advertisement to the sponsors. This team of young men is still going to reach extraordinary heights in their soccer career, and advertisement opportunities for these sponsors will be endless.

Caltex Sabie has decided to be one of the sponsors for these boys but many more are still needed. Goodmore from Caltex urges the community to support these boys and if you are able to, sponsor them. “Due to the high figures for unemployment, helping these boys to get to the top, will be helping some young men find a career and not fall into crime for survival. It will also inspire other young people in the community. It will be a huge upliftment for Sabie as well. We are proud of these small-town boys, turning into successful men and keeping Sabie’s name high” said Goodmore from Caltex Sabie.

Sabie Bayern Soccer team would like to thank possible sponsors in advance, not only for sponsoring them but also for believing in them. All the costs have neatly and accurately been calculated and anyone interested in sponsoring them can find the necessary information and certificate of the organization by contacting Nicholus Nkalangs on 082 360 5765 or 072 321 0707.

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