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Many women, young and old alike, have to cope with the shock of breast cancer and breast surgery. Questions such as “How will I look?” and “What will I wear and how will my clothes look?” is a normal reaction.

“The M Store is excited to announce its new partnership with CANSA to extend the services offered at CANSA Care Centres, by including the fitting of breast prostheses, the supply of mastectomy reconstruction & lumpectomy bras, and supply of garments to help manage lymphoedema,” the article on the CANSA web page read.

The M Store is a boutique orthotic & prosthetic practice that specialises in the manufacture, supply and fitting of breast prostheses and bras after breast surgery as well as Lymphoedema products.

“The new partnership will mean that The M Store will provide its professional fitting services and a full range of breast prostheses, bras, swimwear and lymphoedema garments at CANSA Care Centres nationally, to further their mandate to support Cancer Survivors. This partnership aims to provide greater access to correctly fitted breast prostheses, mastectomy bras and lymphoedema products, in order to restore femininity, confidence and comfort to women after a mastectomy, lumpectomy or breast reconstruction.”*

“CANSA is always looking for ways to offer better services to our cancer patients and partnering with The M Store means that we could offer a wider variety of specialised products and have the same high standard at CANSA Care Centres countrywide,” said Cara Noble, CANSA National Relationship Manager for Service Delivery.

“Having a mastectomy is a traumatic experience, and we know how a breast cancer patient’s confidence can be restored when she is fitted with a prosthesis and bra that fit and work for her body type and shape,” says Conrad Barnard, Founder M Store. Our specialised service complimenting CANSA’s existing patient services are a perfect match.”

A booklet has been compiled to answer some of these questions and provide you with information on external breast prostheses, bras, swimwear & compression garments that can be worn after your mastectomy, lumpectomy and/or reconstruction, as a method of restoring your body image, confidence and comfort. Please visit or the CANSA web page.

Information from CANSA web page and M Store web page.

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