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My Spar Squillos Hygiene Awareness Campaign

Maxine du Plessis

On June 7th, My Spar and the Spar Squillos Mascot visited Harmony Hill Primary School to promote the Hygiene Awareness Campaign, managed and presented by Mindful Marketing. Mindful Marketing has been selected to conduct school education visits for Spar Lowveld for 2019. 200 foundation phase children were addressed at Harmony Hill Primary School in Sabie and 211 children at Glory Hill Primary School in Graskop.

Whilst the kiddies were sitting, waiting for the My Spar team and the Squillos Mascot’s grand entrance, you could see all the little faces lined with excitement and wonder.

The team reminded the kids about the importance of washing hands, when one should wash hands and how one must properly wash hands. To encourage long term memory and learning, the kids were invited to join Squillos around the wash basins where they had the opportunity to wash their own hands whilst the team assisted and showed them how to do so properly. After each child had washed their hands, they were rewarded with Squillos Cereal Snacks as well as a Squillos 100% Fruit Juice.

“Squillos Visits are fun and educational. Sharing the very important message of health and hygiene while having fun and enjoying healthy Squillos snacks and juice.”

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