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Never give up

Kopano Dibakwane

“Education is the mother of success”. These are the words of Thuli Njonga- a Brand Champion at Spar Graskop.

Njonga acquired a Matric certificate through ABET (Adult Based Education and Training) in 2018, after years of doubting her abilities. The interest in education was severely compromised by a life of loss, grief, sadness and many hurdles that seemed impossible to overcome at the time.

It was the encouragement of Spar management and staff members that she managed to finally achieve her Matric. They did not only allow her to study, but they also helped Njonga with homework-which was a gesture that continues to humble her up to this day.

“I came with too many personal problems when I joined Spar, but I managed to pull through because of the support I received from my superiors and colleagues. I used to think that education is not important because I already had a job, but I later realised that I could not move forward in my job without proper qualifications. I approached the owner (Raymond Emmerick), Gail Durandt (Human Resources), Rachel Mohlala (Assistant Manager) and presented my request to further my studies. They agreed and helped me with the process of registering. Other colleagues like Richard also helped me with school work.” said Njonga.

She said that doors began to open after acquiring her Matric, her confidence received a huge boost and she would like to encourage GPS News readers, of all ages, to persevere.

“I’ve been through a lot but I took a step to go forward. I’m someone at work because I’ve studied and I know there are more opportunities to come. It is never too late to try and I want young people to value education. They must not quit school because of personal problems like a lack of school uniform. A life of fear won’t help you, it is better to speak out than to face your problems alone. Spar never gave up on me and I will always be grateful for their support,” said Njonga.

In conclusion, she said that Raymond Emmerick deserves blessings for having a good heart.

“May God continue to bless him. He really cares for his employees and everybody in general. I also would like to thank the teachers at ABET for their patience and motivation,” she said.

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