Just Juice – Now Cappy™

Maxine du Plessis

The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company, offering over 500 brands to people in more than 200 countries.

Coca-Cola recently gave Just Juice a make-over and named it Cappy™. Just Juice has long been one of South Africa’s favourite juice brands. Retaining its 100% fruit juice promise, Just Juice has been renamed as Cappy™, a 100% fruit juice with a wide variety of flavours and pack sizes.

Cappy™ comes in a wide spectrum of tasty flavours from Breakfast Blend, Tropical, Orange Mango, Apple, Orange and Grape. Three of these flavours will be available in 1.5L PET, perfect for making the routine family breakfast less stressful.

Five tips from Cappy™ to make the mornings less manic:

  1. Have a routine

Build a realistic schedule and stick to it each day so the kids know what is expected and when, and that they aren’t constantly rushed. It also helps you to know if you’re running on time or not.

  1. Get up earlier

It’s hard to do this, we know, but that extra 15 minutes in bed is not worth it, for you or the kids. It just builds stress. If they (or you) battle to get up, then bedtime should be brought forward.

  1. Plan ahead

Use the evenings to make the mornings easier – you might feel too tired to do it then, but you’ll be very grateful when the alarm goes off. Get the lunchboxes done or, at least, part assembled; do some basic breakfast food prep; lay out the table.

  1. Make an agreement

Kids can be reluctant to eat healthily at breakfast but it’s essential that they do so. Experiment at the weekends and get their input. Let them make some choices on what they prefer while you ensure their overall diet is on track.

  1. Eat super fruit

To ensure that the kids (and you) get a good fruit intake, stock up on super fruits such as berries, apples and bananas for an easy win.

With this strong, bold and trustworthy brand that is close to nature, we are sure that Cappy™ will be your go-to juice every morning, every day. Cappy™ can be found in select Top End Grocer stores across the country.

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