Voluntary cleaning campaign

Kopano Dibakwane

The Government Department often receives a lot of criticism from community members for poor service delivery, but the South African Social Security offices (SASSA), in Graskop, received the opposite reaction from a local resident, Jan Wernich, who owns Maranata Garden Services. He volunteered to offer free service to the SASSA offices following a satisfactory service provided to his wife, who suffered a severe stroke recently.

He said that the officials have shown compassion after discovering his wife’s condition. He felt that it was only right to offer his hand of gratitude.

“The officials have shown that they care, they went the extra mile to make sure that my wife and family is looked after. They came to my house and gave us food parcels and words of encouragement. They were very friendly as while helping us to fill in the forms for my wife. I have the machine and the knowledge; I felt strongly that I should do something to thank the SASSA office. This is not done for any reward, I’m doing it also on behalf of my wife, as a way to say thank you and keep up the excellent service you provide to the people,” said Wernich.

The officials welcomed the thoughtful gesture from Wernich and Maranata Garden Services staff. They mentioned that it signifies their commitment, as SASSA, to serve the community. They added that the yard was in need of thorough cleaning as the season has changed.

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