Sabie Spar

Michele du Plessis

Sabie Spar was recently announced as the Spar Lowveld Half-Year Convention Winner.

For Sabie Spar, this is the first step to becoming the yearly winner.  The broad criteria for choosing the winner is as follows: Loyalty to Spar Brands, Sales growth, Retail operations checklist (store standards and appearance) and Q-pro audits (strict hygiene standards).

Other criteria that the stores are judged on are: Retail checklist; Quality control standard; Infrastructure of staff; Uniforms matching; Cleanliness; Stocking of certain ranges; Loyalty to Spar, ordering/buying from approved,  accountable and tractable suppliers.

The tests done by Q-Pro Health & Hygiene includes Control audit; Biological/chemical procedure of cleanliness; Staff hygiene; Shop’s floor; Receiving area and Health & Hygiene.

Raymond Emmerick, owner of Sabie Spar said:  “Proud of our team, there are consistent growth and improvement all the time.  There is a fine line between ordering our fresh produce and the actual sales.  We have 2 deliveries every week.  Thank you to the community for their continued support.

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