A-League level golf very serious indeed

Clintin Brummer

For most players, golf is all about enjoyment, but it was clear these guys, the Sabie A-team, came to win at the Sabie Country Club A-league tournament. As each pairing teed off, shots were taken with precision, every breath measured and every stroke calculated.

But amongst these serious moments, some of the Lydenburg golfers took seconds to add laughter to their game.  Although the Lydenburg A-team might not have won, this pairing showed so much enthusiasm that Lydenburg can be proud of.

Sabie A-team had a better day on the course as hints towards their victory became clear as the day progressed. Sabie A-team came out victorious in a 6-2 victory over Lydenburg A-team. The overall league fixtures have now changed and Sabie A-team is still in the running to once more reach the quarter finals.

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