From the Editor...

What is your deepest, darkest secret?

That one thing you never want anyone to find out about,

what you did…

Well, God knows!  You can perhaps hide it from your loved ones, colleagues, and friends, but He sees everything, knows everything. But… He still loves us.  Regardless of what we did, who we are and still rejecting Him, He still forgives us and loves us.  However, when the paw-paw hits the fan, we are quick to pray and call on His name. How is that possible?

I hear so many young people saying that they do not want to give their lives to Christ now because they first want to enjoy their lives!  Having a relationship with Him is not about your age, and that you cannot enjoy your life.  The conception out in the world is to walk the walk and talk the talk as a Christian, you are not allowed to have fun and enjoy life.

The problem is that we do not know God’s heart.  Our conception of Christianity has been formed by examples in our lives like that of our parents, the church, and society.  Thinking back to my own life, I have been raised by parents that went to church every week.  However, leaving my parents house, going into the big world, I went completely off the tracks.  I also did not want to heed my parents warning of walking the straight and narrow!  I had to learn through trials, tribulations and hurt that it is not what I do, but what He did!  When He made the decision to give up His darling of heaven, His only Son for me… and you, the price has been paid.

Think back a little bit, who was your role model for a Christian?  Is that the reason why you can’t believe in Him because you have been hurt?  Hurt by authorities that were supposed to teach you about a loving God, but showed the opposite?  The stark reality is that you alone will one day stand in front of God because you are the one that makes your choices.  How can you trust someone you don’t know?  If you don’t draw near to God and start a relationship with Him, how would you ever trust Him?  Trust enough to give over the control of your life to Him? How do we do it?  How do we learn to trust again and let Him in?  A relationship with Him is personal, and your choice.  I pray that a seed of hope and willingness to get to know the heart of God will be instilled in your heart so that you can find peace and know the truth!

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