Cash in-transit heist – Long Tom Pass

Michele du Plessis

At approximately 6:00 am on Monday, July 24, an SBV Cash in transit vehicle was robbed on the Long Tom Pass near Sabie.

The SBV vehicle was rammed by a white Mercedes, E-Class, damaging the Mercedes and over turning the armoured vehicle. Four vehicles, a blue Ford Focus, an Audi, the above-mentioned Mercedes and another vehicle, with, according to an eye witness, ten males, proceeded to rob the armoured vehicle.

The armoured vehicle was blasted with explosives. The 5 SBV security guards were held at gun point and relieved of their weapons, which were thrown into the bushes next to the road. The SAPS Forensic experts recovered the weapons at the crime scene.

According to the eyewitness, who prefers to remain anonymous, the driver of the white Mercedes was injured during the crash with the armoured vehicle. According to the eyewitness, he was approximately 50 meters behind the armoured vehicle. “I was on my way to Pietersburg when the robbery happened. The one vehicle came past me and one of the passengers pointed a weapon at me and told me to stay where I was. By then the truck was already lying on his side after the white Mercedes side-swiped it. There was a lot of smoke and they blasted the vehicle. Three vehicles came from the Sabie direction, but one vehicle was already in place on the Long Tom Pass where they robbed the truck.”

The eyewitness said that the robbers did not run around; they knew exactly what they were doing. “One of them had a paintball gun with him. The police arrived approximately 25 minutes later. Traffic was a real mess, with trucks driving past. And there was still some explosives lying on the road.”

Colonel Lesele, the station commander, Sabie Police Station, said that they were still processing the crime scene. “I am on my way to Hendriksdal where one of the vehicles, with some of the money in, was recovered. Unfortunately, none of the alleged robbers were captured.”

The Long Tom Pass is closed down at the moment while the SAPS is processing the crime scene.


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