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Secret world of insects

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1 June 2017

For as long as humans have been here, insects have been here. Yet most of us know little about these creatures. Insectopedia, written by Dr Erik Holm uncovers the fascinating and infinitely varied world of insects. It explores their intriguing behaviour and biology: from mating and breeding, metamorphosis and movement to sight, smell, hearing and their adaptations to heat and cold.

There is also a chapter on super organisms which probes the curious phenomenon of social communities among insects. Another section in the book focuses on the critical role that insects play in maintaining the fragile balance of life on our planet.

The book concludes with a 60 page illustrated field guide, describing most insect orders and their main families. It includes up to date information throughout, an expanded ID section, and over 700 hundred photographs, many depicting seldom photographed insect behaviours.

Dr Erik Holm, an emeritus professor was formerly the Head of Entomology of the University of Pretoria. He started collecting insects’ early on in high school and never stopped. He has published over 100 scientific papers on ecology, biogeography, evolution, and taxonomy as well as several major revisions and monographs. He has also authored eight books on insects and their behaviour. Dr Holm has become a well-known radio personality; his weekly talks on radio stations have enthralled listeners of all ages for more than 40 years. He has also appeared in two documentary film series, “Bitten by the Bug” and “Come into my Parlour.”

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