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Buried puppies rescued at Simile rubbish dump

Michele du Plessis
1 June 2017

Buried alive in the Simile refuse dump, the whimpers of puppies could be heard. Their mother frantically ran around with swollen teats of milk trying to reach her puppies. Debbie Möller heeded the plea for help, and started digging with her bare hands in the rubbish, Möller, and Haley van Wyk, with the help of some volunteers, managed to save the puppies and reunite them with their mother.

“After digging for an hour we called for help and received it in abundance from Lyn Temlett (Mbulwa Estate Private Lodge), Isabel Thomson (Thomsons Building Supplies), David Jennings and Joy Comley,” said Möller. “Against all odds, we got the puppies. Mommy was ecstatic to see her babies and allowed them to feed. Two puppies were strong enough to leave with her. One puppy is in foster care.”

This incident and the fact that there are so many stray animals at the Simile refuse dump led to the creation of the Sabie Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust (Sabie-MAST). It was started by Möller and Van Wyk to help curtail the birth of puppies from stray animals.

The Sabie MAST project has adopted the internationally used CSVR (Catch, Sterilise, Vaccinate and Release) method. “We will, of course, need to raise funds and are planning a Golf Day for July 29,” continues Möller. “We hope this team will grow due to the fact that with more people the refuse dump can be visited regularly increasing the possibility of catching more animals weekly. Dr. Natli Coetzee Plator and Dierekliniek have partnered with us and will be sterilising the animals at a drastically reduced fee. We will keep the Facebook page updated with our activities and details about our future events will be posted soon.”

If anyone is able to contribute, volunteer or support this cause please contact Möller 082-222-2204 or Please insert the reference. If you would like to email proof of payment to they would very much like to thank you personally.

The veterinary account details are:
Plator and Dierekliniek
Nedbank Branch: 146 805
Cheque Account: 101 296 6658
Reference: MAST3726/YourName

Image: From left: Debbie Möller and Haley van Wyk with the rescued puppies and the volunteers who helped to rescue them.

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