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Post Covid-19: An Opinion Piece

Lessons and Direction for our Labour Market, Workplaces and Society in General. Written by Glen Cormack, the Fairness Institute. Part 4 The issue of broadband data availability and access must be a feature of this recovery plan. If anything, Covid-19 has expedited the realities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the role of on-line transactions […]

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Hold on – Pain ends

The following was written by Mark Meyer, Recovery Coach at PRC Recovery Centre, Sabie. Part 1 What do we do when everything is turned upside down? This pandemic we face has turned our world upside down. We’ve all likely had to deal with some type of loss over the past couple of months as job […]



Kopano Brilliant It is easy to give all glory to God during times of victory and comfort, but the same cannot be said when we find ourselves embroiled in fear and uncertainty. God is naturally good, all-knowing, endowed with everlasting power and flawless timing. Those who dwell in His majestic fortress are shielded from harm. […]