The Best Women they can be…

Pamella Mashego Maria Dlamini, preacher and owner, Maria Dlamini Ministries, said that she has always had a passion for the upliftment of women and girls.  This has always lain close to her heart and prompted her to start her ministry in this field. The 44-year-old Dlamini was born and raised in Sabie. She was ordained […]


World travelling backpack style

Kopano Dibakwane World travellers, Lionel and Silvia, from Australia and Uruguay respectively, are currently on tour in Southern Africa for two months. They chose to start and finish their journey in Mpumalanga because of the awe-inspiring landscape. They arrived in Sabie on July 18 and were hosted by local Sabie resident, Trudie van red Linde-Badenhorst. […]


67 Minutes at Natureza’s

News Desk Natureza’s Catz Rescue asked Sabie residents in a Facebook post to spend their 67 Mandela Day minutes with a furry feline. Susan van Zyl, co-owner of the non-profit organisation in Sabie, said that they had 212 cats at the moment. “We rely on donations, but we carry at least 99% of the costs, […]


Remembering the devastation of 2007

Michele du Plessis Wild fires that spread through Mpumalanga started on July 27, 2007. Together with suffocating clouds of smoke that hung like a pall over Sabie, Graskop, Pilgrim’s Rest and Nelspruit, and the devastation that these fires caused, was terrible to behold. Twenty-two people were killed; amongst them six fire fighters. Hundreds of animals […]

News Sport

Mountain biking for local orphanages

Michele du Plessis Thirty-four learners from the Midstream College in Gauteng and six staff members started their 10-year birthday celebrations in Sabie with a cycle tour to raise funds for two local orphanages. On Mandela Day they visited the children at the two orphanages. The reason why they decided to start in Sabie is because […]