Remembering the devastation of 2007

Michele du Plessis Wild fires that spread through Mpumalanga started on July 27, 2007. Together with suffocating clouds of smoke that hung like a pall over Sabie, Graskop, Pilgrim’s Rest and Nelspruit, and the devastation that these fires caused, was terrible to behold. Twenty-two people were killed; amongst them six fire fighters. Hundreds of animals […]

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Mountain biking for local orphanages

Michele du Plessis Thirty-four learners from the Midstream College in Gauteng and six staff members started their 10-year birthday celebrations in Sabie with a cycle tour to raise funds for two local orphanages. On Mandela Day they visited the children at the two orphanages. The reason why they decided to start in Sabie is because […]


Investigating Inflated Tender Costs

Michele du Plessis Sabie Chamber of Commerce and Tourism (SCoC) addressed comments and queries to Thaba Chweu Local Municipality, concerning the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and Budget document for Thaba Chweu 2017-2022. The IDP report was tabled during the meeting held in Harmony Hill on May 11. In the IDP Report, the Top 7 inclusive […]


TCLM: Plagued by problems

Michele du Plessis It is common knowledge that Sabie Town, Simile and Harmony Hill are experiencing numerous problems that Thaba Chweu Municipal is responsible for. Unfortunately, the same problems crop up time and again on the Sabie Service Delivery Whatsapp Group, as the temporary measures are not enough to solve the myriad problems. Overflowing drains […]


Cash in-transit heist – Long Tom Pass

Michele du Plessis At approximately 6:00 am on Monday, July 24, an SBV Cash in transit vehicle was robbed on the Long Tom Pass near Sabie. The SBV vehicle was rammed by a white Mercedes, E-Class, damaging the Mercedes and over turning the armoured vehicle. Four vehicles, a blue Ford Focus, an Audi, the above-mentioned […]