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TCLM’s Water Woes

Michele du Plessis Thaba Chweu Municipality is in really deep water regarding the provision of potable water to the communities. The lack of reports concerning not only the state of our drinking water but also the state of our river highlights the problems many communities face. This is not only the case in Sabie. Lydenburg […]

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I Object! … Now what?

Michele du Plessis The Valuation roll was published and property owners had until April 5th to lodge objections against Thaba Chweu Municipality with regard to the property valuations. If you believe the municipal valuer has over-valued your property, you should have lodged an objection and if justified, the value will be amended. If an objection […]

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Long walk to electricity…

Michele du Plessis On October 6th, 2017, Thaba Chweu Municipal authorities issued a notice to residents of Sabie, that Eskom has declared their intention to interrupt the power supply to Thaba Chweu local Municipality from Monday, October 9th, 2017.  The “proposed” power outages will be as per the schedule published. “Well, the power interruptions are […]

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Minister apologizes for driver’s licenses backlog

Michele du Plessis The Minister of Transport, Dr Blade Nzimande, reported in January about the issuing of drivers licenses backlog. “I am monitoring the contingency plan to recover production time lost during the Department of Transport’s labour dispute with employees who were contracted to the Driving Licence Card Account (DLCA). This untimely dispute also occurred […]