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Is Eskom showing progress?

News Desk Eskom’s financial, operational and environmental performance will continue to be challenging for some time before significant improvements are realised. However, there has been encouraging progress to instill governance and to root out financial mismanagement, malfeasance, and maladministration. After its appointment last year, the Board’s focus was on three key issues – Addressing governance […]

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Response from GRPA

“The Graskop Rate Payers Association, (GRPA), Water Team under Lance Gibson’s guidance, and the GCBT within Gareth Johnson’s role as Service Delivery Representative have assisted in verifying, that due to its ongoing defunctness, the Waste Water System, (WWS), is attributing to the degradation of most, (if not all), water systems originating within and passing through its […]

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Graskop wastewater treatment plant

Michele du Plessis “Overgrown, filthy premises, an empty laboratory without testing equipment, anaerobic and anoxic dams filled to capacity with solids and a sludge digestion dam covered in… well, sludge at the top. Inflow water and outflow water are the same: raw, untreated sewage wastewater, pumped into the river.” All this and more, protected by […]

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Graskop Roads Shows Progress

Petru Viljoen Thaba Chweu Municipality is currently painting the roads in Graskop. Last year, only a portion of the roads got painted. The vehicle bringing the workers to Graskop broke down and they’ve returned only recently. Superintendent Famous Malete realised the road paint supplied by the municipality will not be enough to cover the whole […]