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Ons lesers se resepte

Michele du Plessis Baie van ons is in die bevoorregte posisie gewees om Ouma se boerekos te kan geniet. Sommiges van ons het Ouma se resepte boek geërf, daardie een wat in haar eie handskrif geskryf is. Kompleet met notas, moets en moenies. Daardie resepte wat in onse en ponde en eetlepels en teelepels afgemeet […]

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Easter Egg Hunt @ Sabie Country Club

Maxine du Plessis On April 19th, the Sabie Country Club hosted an Easter Egg Hunt, catering for young and old to join in the fun. Brightly decorated eggs, Easter egg rolling and Easter egg hunts have become integral to the celebration of Easter today. Eggs are an especially beloved tradition in the Christian belief where […]

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Sleep loss alters emotional perception

News Desk Sleep loss, insomnia… Do you feel grumpy after a sleepless night? Not only grumpy but negative, aggressive and emotionally drained? What does sleep deprivation do to the way in which we perceive various emotional stimuli? In her doctoral thesis, Sandra Tamm, based at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience of the Karolinska Institutet, in […]

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Christian Family Church Easterfest

Maxine du Plessis On April 21st, Christian Family Church held an Easterfest. The Easterfest was organized by the Christian Family Church Sabie and Revival Christian Church Nelspruit as a community event in celebration of Christ’s resurrection. The day was all about miracles and celebration. The purpose of the Easterfest was to share a meal, as […]