Loyalty and commitment is key

Part of Sabie Poles in Sabie’s mission statement is: “The principle of honesty, excellent customer service and the best quality at a fair price has always been our basis of doing business over the past 2 decades. Our commitment and open-door policy to the biggest asset, the staff, ensured that the total team grew over […]


Scams: Job seekers beware!

Frieda Paton Stories of scammers, or swindlers, who line their pockets by tricking people out of their hard-earned (or borrowed) cash, are as old as human history. The sad part is that their victims are usually the most vulnerable and desperate. And who is more desperate than the thousands of unemployed youth in South Africa? […]


Get your new SASSA Gold Card

News Desk The South African Social Security Agency in Mpumalanga has noted with concern that some beneficiaries are yet to come forward to get their new SASSA gold card even though they have been requested to do so several times. SASSA was then forced to auto-migrate beneficiaries to the new card as the deadline has […]


Get a pet 2 get ahead

News Desk Why do we need pets? Do you really need a furry responsibility in your life while you climb the corporate ladder? The answer is yes, you do need a pet. More so if you are a rising executive with lots of stress. Pet’s help you distress, keep you healthy while achieving a better […]

Community Municipal

Minister apologizes for driver’s licenses backlog

Michele du Plessis The Minister of Transport, Dr Blade Nzimande, reported in January about the issuing of drivers licenses backlog. “I am monitoring the contingency plan to recover production time lost during the Department of Transport’s labour dispute with employees who were contracted to the Driving Licence Card Account (DLCA). This untimely dispute also occurred […]