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Feminists, make way for the masculists!

Michele du Plessis As feminists struggled for women’s rights, no one stopped to ask what the men were doing. They lost a piece of their rights and opportunities, resulting in dissatisfaction in the modern male. Supposedly, men are not supposed to feel this way, but representatives of the “stronger half” seems to show discontent and […]

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Songstress settled in Graskop

Petru J Viljoen Leah Kirrane, originally from California in the United States of America, spent time as a hermit raising poultry in Canada until a cataclysmic event (the sudden death of her then-husband) hurled her through space and time (the internet never sleeps) to sleepy Graskop, where she’s spent the last three years healing, working […]

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Local School Headmaster Award Winner

Petru Viljoen Mark Matthee, Principal of Graskop Primary attended the National Teachers Awards and won 1st place in the category: Excellence in Primary School Leadership. The ceremony was held by the Department of Education at the Sandton Convention Centre on February 16th, 2019. Mark initiated the digitalizing of all lesson plans so the processes are […]

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SA certified Polio Free

News Desk The National Department of Health is pleased to announce that on September 17th, 2019, the WHO’s African Regional Certification Commission (ARCC) certified South Africa as a polio-free country. In a letter confirming this, the World Health Organization says: “Following the recent ARCC verification visit to South Africa in August 2019 and the ARCC […]