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Early detection is key

News Desk CANSA supports the National Department of Health’s efforts to prioritise awareness of breast and cervical cancer and to educate women with the knowledge of symptoms, screening opportunities and lowering cancer risk. This August, in line with our 365 Day Health Challenge,  women are encouraged to exercise their right to cancer screening and to […]

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Are we supporting breastfeeding for the health of our children?

Breastfeeding is nature’s way of providing the best start in life for our babies but society doesn’t always support breastfeeding. Every year August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week, aimed at encouraging breastfeeding and to improve the health and survival of babies across the world. According to the World Health Organisation, about 820 000 children’s lives […]

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Veganism VS. Vegetarianism?

News Desk Vegans and vegetarians choose not to eat meat. However, veganism is stricter and also prohibits dairy, eggs, honey, and any other items that derive from animal products, such as leather and silk. Both veganism and vegetarianism are growing in popularity. However, some people may find the differences between these two diets a little […]