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Depression and anxiety escalate for women, during lockdown

News Desk According to a recent Ipsos poll, 40% of South African women say they are feeling anxious as a result of Covid-19 compared to 32% of men. According to Johannesburg-based business, life coach and Neuro-linguistic programming practitioner Shanaaz Sukhraj, women struggle to contain the guilt of floundering under added pressures. These include months of […]

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Booze Abuse

Kopano Brilliant One of the greatest lessons we’ve all learned during the various stages of our nation-wide lockdown is the adverse impact of alcohol abuse on society. The initial ban on alcohol has yielded good results in minimising the normalisation of unpleasant activities (crime, road carnage, gender-based violence, etc) which are commonly fueled by the […]

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Little Owl Products– Aesthetically green

Michele du Plessis The tradition of handcrafted body care products has been part of many cultures around the world for centuries with secrets and recipes handed down through generations. Organic products were used, some locally sourced and harvested from gardens and forests, using plant or animal oils, medicinal plants and secret ingredients. With the growth […]