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Feminists, make way for the masculists!

Michele du Plessis As feminists struggled for women’s rights, no one stopped to ask what the men were doing. They lost a piece of their rights and opportunities, resulting in dissatisfaction in the modern male. Supposedly, men are not supposed to feel this way, but representatives of the “stronger half” seems to show discontent and […]

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The Sacredness of Water

Michele du Plessis Water if life… A giver of life, a source of purification and a sacred blessing. We utilize water in our rituals –the washing of oneself before prayers, pilgrimages to sacred rivers and wells, baptism. We pray for rain in times of drought. Yet, in everyday life, we forget this and we fail […]

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Innibos 2019

Be(t)roudag verskuif teater grense Troues en al die familie intriges was die tema van ʼn nuwe produksie konsep deur Adriaan van As en Francois Jacobs.  Maar hierdie was teater met ʼn verskil. Die “teater” het afgespeel by “Christie’s at 32 on Russell”. Dit is ʼn sprokiesboek mooi venue vir ʼn familie troue in die Laeveld. […]