Dealing with your high-energy child

Maxine du Plessis When trying to keep up with ones’ energetic children, it can easily exhaust you. When your kids hop and run around like the battery bunny add on the television, one can easily argue that while kids are active, they are healthy, which makes it easier to deal with. But a lot of […]

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Is there really such a thing as burnout?

Frieda Paton In today’s fast-paced world, with the current economic challenges, workers are increasingly faced with heavier workloads, too many deadlines and long working hours. We hear more-and-more people are saying that they feel burnt out. But is there really such a thing as burnout? Burnout is now officially included as a syndrome in the […]


Chicken and Barley Risotto

This chicken risotto is simple to make and packed with flavour. Pearl barley is used instead of the traditional arborio rice which gives the dish a wonderful bouncy texture. Cook – 60 mins.  Difficulty – Easy. Prep – 10 mins. Serves 2 What you will need: 1 large skinless chicken breast, or 2 small chicken […]