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Afriforum Dink of Sink: NHS naaswenners

Tydens die Noordstreek uitdunne van Afriforum se Dink of Sink onvoorbereide debat op 16 Augustus te Hoërskool Montana tree NHS as naaswenners uit die stryd teen drie en veertig spanne van vooraanstaande debatskole.   Vyf senior spanne van NHS het deelgeneem aan die kompetisie, maar spanmaats Milda van Dyk, Jana Ingwersen en Ernst Pieterse het […]

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Come to me…I will give you rest

A lot of people don’t like change. Me, I LOVE it! I love creating order amongst chaos and perform better under pressure. However, there are a lot of people that hate it and often refuse to change either themselves or their circumstances. They would prefer to stay in the same hurting problematic relationship or situation because of fear […]

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Early detection is key

News Desk CANSA supports the National Department of Health’s efforts to prioritise awareness of breast and cervical cancer and to educate women with the knowledge of symptoms, screening opportunities and lowering cancer risk. This August, in line with our 365 Day Health Challenge,  women are encouraged to exercise their right to cancer screening and to […]