TCLM: Plagued by problems

Michele du Plessis It is common knowledge that Sabie Town, Simile and Harmony Hill are experiencing numerous problems that Thaba Chweu Municipal is responsible for. Unfortunately, the same problems crop up time and again on the Sabie Service Delivery Whatsapp Group, as the temporary measures are not enough to solve the myriad problems. Overflowing drains […]

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The Man Who Founded the ANC

News Desk Many fascinating facts about the founder of the ANC, Pixley ka Isaka Seme, is published in this comprehensive biography, written by author Bongani Ngqulunga.  The book reveals hitherto unknown information about Seme’s public and private life, drawing from archival material that has never been used before. Pixley ka Isaka Seme, a thirty-year-old black […]

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Penguin Random House Book Competition 13

News Desk Into the Water written by Paula Hawkins was the prize sponsored by Penguin Random House in Book Competition 12. The lucky winner of this book is Anna from Sabie. In competition 13, two books are sponsored. ‘Chizi’s Tale’ by Jack Jones, a children’s book, and ‘The Man who founded the ANC’ by  Bongani […]

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Chizi’s Tale

News Desk Chizi’s Tale, written by Jack Jones and illustrated by Jacqui Taylor,  is based on the true story of an orphaned black rhino born in Zimbabwe. Black rhinos are critically endangered. Knowing that the calf would not survive without help, a park ranger made an astonishing decision to take the rhino home. This the […]