Leading women at GWF


17 April 2017

Maria Awogu was appointed as Head of Programmes and Campus Operations at the Good Work Foundation (GWF) in Hazyview at the start of this year. She joined the GWF with the goal to give back for all the blessings she had received over the years. “I wanted to find myself working with a team that felt passionate about women and women empowerment, a team that was working towards making a difference in the community, and I am talking about real difference,” commented Awogu.

She is a senior programme, operations and fiscal manager by profession. She also has a proven track record of accomplishments in national and international development implementing donor-funded projects. These were predominantly in education (training) and public health.

“In all of the organisations I have worked for, this is one of the organisations that welcomed me in the warmest environment which made me feel right at home,” said Awogu. “The atmosphere is amazing and the people have amazing stories that inspire me to want to contribute even more to this pioneering education revolution.”

Awogu believes that women will play a significant role in the future. “Women have already started the mission to become pioneers of change and innovators worldwide,” said Awogu. “A hundred years from now, women will have changed the face of the world as we know it today. They will have become world leaders and united pioneers.”

She is also of the opinion that the African continent will embrace women leadership in the years to come. “There is some sort of magic that women are spreading to other women through education and empowerment, and that will later ensure that the African continent does not just embrace women leadership but instead beg for women to take leadership positions.”

Her advice to young women is that they should set a very high standard for themselves. “Whatever you do, give it your very best, be it something you’re doing at home, at work or studying and always work as if there would be no tomorrow. Make hard work a norm and hard work will turn into your habit which will become your path to achieving something great always. Always do your best because you don’t know who is watching.”

Awogu wants to take on research in the future. “I want to conduct a research project, or some kind of case study which aims to find solutions to strategic challenges and in the end I want to be of benefit to both myself and the organisation I work for.”

Image: Maria Awogu from the Good Work Foundation in Hazyview.Photo:GWF

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