Woodlands athlete excels

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Michele du Plessis
17 April 2017

Candice Ryan from Woodlands Private School, Sabie, set two records during the Independent School Athletics Meeting which was held recently. Candice achieved these records in the 100 meters and 200 meters events, bringing home two gold medals.

Marita Spangenberg (principal, Woodlands) said that she was ecstatic when Candice, a grade seven learner, broke the first record in the 100 meters. “We are so proud of her. To be able to break a record at this athletics meeting is a great accomplishment,” said Spangenberg. “We competed against eight schools, such as Penryn. Candice is a wonderful child, so humble. Not only does she excel on the sports field, but also in academics and cultural activities. I must say that her two gold medals were a perfect ending to the day.”

Image:Candice Ryan with the two gold medals she won at the Independent Schools Athletic Meeting. Photo credit: Woodlands School, Sabie.

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